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TD Guru Tim Just is
THE 80/20 TD

Little changes reap BIG REWARDS

Current WinTD Videos:
Installing the USCF Ratings Data Base - Creating an on-line USCF rating report - Creating a new tournament -
 Entering players - Pairings, Part 1 - Pairings, Part 2 - Entering/correcting results - Tips & Tricks -Master File Prt. 1 -

Newer versions of WinTD are available. These videos cover older versions. The basic skills in these videos are just about the same in both versions.

WinTD Basics, Video 1:
Installing The USCF Ratings Datatbase
By Tim Just

This video teaches you how to download and install the USCF ratings database in WinTD.  I recommend using the Golden database. This database contains all of the updated "official USCF ratings" without all of the hassle of monthly updates. When you need it you only have to download it, install it, and use it!

WinTD Basics, Video 2:
Creating a Tournament
By Tim Just

This video teaches you how to create a tournament from scratch, even multiple sectioned events with a mix of rated and unrated sections.  Learn how to make the proper settings to get the most bang for your buck in adult or scholastic tournaments.  

WinTD Basics, Video 3:
Entering Players Into Your Tournament
By Tim Just

This video teaches you the basics of entering players into your tournament using WinTD and your installed USCF ratings data base.  You will also learn to deal with assigning byes, switching sections for players, team codes, printing and changing pre-registration lists, and more...

WinTD Basics, Video 4:
Part 1: Pairings, Essential Skills
By Tim Just

This video teaches you the basic skills needed to make and print simple pairings with WinTD.  Learn how to switch pairings, re-pair, calculate starting board numbers, change board numbers, and more...

WinTD Basics, Video 5:
Part 2: Pairings, Beyond the Essentials
By Tim Just

This video teaches you how to deal with manual pairings, adding house players, using the extra games section, changing the layout for posted pairings, and more...

WinTD Basics, Video 6:
Entering Game Results &
Correcting Entry Mistakes

By Tim Just

This video teaches you the 80/20 way to enter game results in WinTD and fix the common mistakes that creep into that process: pairing the player with a bye, incorrect game results, players playing at the wrong board, players playing the wrong color, withdrawals, bad results from a previous round, and more...

WinTD Basics, Video 7:
Tips and Tricks
By Tim Just

This video teaches you tips and tricks on how to improve your WinTD skills so that you can: Show and print a wallchart in score order, change the layout of your screen, re-enter a player in a different schedule or same section, convert, in one step, player names so they all have the same case, and more...

WinTD Basics,Video 8:
Creating an On-Line USCF Rating Report for Submission
By Tim Just

This video teaches you how to use WinTD to create the files that you will need in order to submit a USCF rated tournament on-line.
Learn how to submit a tournament on-line in the USCF Basics Video series.

WinTD Basics,Video 9:
WinTD Master Files: Part 1, Using and Creating
By Tim Just

Learn how to use and then create Master files to make your job of entering the same players over and over again into a WinTD chess tournament easier.  This video is especially useful to Club and Scholastic TDs/Organizers.

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