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TD Guru Tim Just is
THE 80/20 TD

Little changes reap BIG REWARDS - It is the small stuff that makes a big difference.

The 80/20 TD
FREE "How To" Videos

Learn how to install the USCF ratings supplement, create a tournament, enter players, do pairings, print pairings/wallcharts/reports, enter results, make a USCF ratings report on-line, and more... Old version.  (New WinTD version videos still in production).  These videos were created for WinTD V4. Many of the same principles outlined here apply to more recent versions. 
Learn how to install the USCF ratings supplement, create a tournament, enter players, do pairings, print pairings/wallcharts/reports, enter results, make a USCF ratings report on-line, and more...These videos were created for SwissSys V8. Many of the same principles outlined here apply to V9. 
Learn how to use the TD/Affiliate area, USCF forms, download rating supplements, submit tournaments on-line, and more...  Note: these videos are a bit dated.

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TD Guru Tim Just's
USCF Links
This USCF page contains a lot of FREE useful information and FREE forms that you will need to organize and direct your tournaments.
Scroll down to the links for an amazing amount of information for directors, organizers and players  interested in scholastic tournaments.
You will need to sign up for these but they are like FREE interactive lessons on how to direct or organize chess tournaments, especially if you stay clear of the politics in the USCF Issues section.  
After you sign up for this FREE USCF benefit through the Members Only area point and click on the FAQs to learn how to use this powerful TD tool or just sign in and explore!
TD Guru Tim Just's
Tournament Schedule (NA)

Just the Rules, Tim's US Chess column links.

FREE copy:  
11th Edition Guide To Scholastic Chess--Click Here

Available now on-line:
FREE Rules download of chapters 1-2-11, digested from the Official Rules of Chess 7th edition V7.0

By Tim Just, the rulebook editor: This book is a great companion to the rulebook. What’s the best way for tournament directors to jump through hoops to solve an issue? Players, do you want to develop habits that take advantage of the chess rules? And what about those secret handshakes you seem to miss in the scholastic chess world? What mysterious chess organizer skills make that job simpler?
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 as an e-book ($3.99) or a paperback ($9.99).

By Tim Just & Wayne Clark: Bobby Fischer is not alone in creating antics away from the chess board. His understudies, the royal game’s players, fans, coaches, parents, tournament officials, and hangers-on, have created their own “tales from the wild side” escapades. This book chronicles those tales. Over the board chess experience takes a back seat to these anecdotes of human interest, human follies and quirky behavior. Lean back and enjoy this peek at human conduct on the sidelines of the chess universe.
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as an e-book ($3.99) or a paperback ($9.99).

TD Guru Tim Just's 80/20 TD
Workshop Schedule

U.S. Open TD Workshop
U. S. Open
 FREE Workshop! 

TD Guru Tim Just's  80/20 TD Services
Contact Tim regarding fees
TDs/Organizers:Expand your adult or scholastic directing and organizing skills with the 80/20 little changes-BIG REWARDS techniques that you can use immediately. Workshops with an emphasis on Tournament Directing, Organizing, Adult chess evants, and Scholastic Chess events can be mixed and matched
to fit your time and interest requirements and are available via Skype.   

Players: Get advice from the Players NTD Tim Just on how to use the rules in your favor and avoid typical chess lawyer tricks with the 80/20 TD workshop "Rulebook Tactics."

Let The 80/20 TD Guru direct your adult or scholastic tournaments for you. Pick one or combine the available services:  Floor TD, Computer Pairngs TD,  Chief TD, or Pre-Entry TD.  
Let The 80/20 TD Guru Organize your adult or scholastic tournaments for you. Feel free to mix and match services from Creating tournaments within you and your player's budget needs in mind, Creating Web pages, PayPal entries, Creating flyers/ads, Finding and negotiating for sites, Hiring staff, Publicity, and more...
Get advise on the little changes-BIG REWARDS 80/20 way to organize and direct your adult or scholastic tournaments as outlined in the above services. This option is a cost saver to those that don't mind using a little elbow grease. 

"Sweating the small stuff improves the BIG STUFF"
--TD Guru Tim Just

Buy Now My Opponent Is Eating A Doughnut as an e-book or paperback from Amazon.

Buy Now  Just Law at Amazon as an e-book or a paperback.

CLICK HERE for TD Certification Rules

CLICK HERE for Micah Smith's links regarding USCF posted rules, regulations, and policy documents.

for Ken Ballou's FIDE vs US Chess pairing rules document.

CLICK HERE for Ken Ballou's FIDE vs US Chess pairing rules document--detailed with examples.

CLICK HERE for US Chess FIDE links and info.

for Ken Ballou's US Chess rules Vs FIDE rules document.

CLICK HERE  for How To Set Your Digital Clock for Increment. by Mike Williams

CLICK HERE  for Chris Kim's Setting DGT North American.

 for Micah Smith's incriment clock setting document.

Tim Just is the 80/20 TD   

TD Guru Tim Just is the 80/20 TD. He  is a retired teacher residing in Gurnee, Illinois.  He is an NTD who is the chief editor of the 5th edition, 6th edition, and 7th edition of the U. S. Chess Federation’s Official Rules of Chess, co-author of My Opponent Is Eating a Doughnut. and author of Just Law

Recently Tim revised The Guide To Scholastic Chess, 11th edition. Additionally he has been a member of the US Chess Rules committee for many years and was the longtime chair of the Tournament Directors Certification Committee.  

His TD Corner column was a mainstay in the printed version of the USCF Ratings Supplement plus his Rulebook Tactics column was a staple in the Illinois Chess Bulletin. Tim's current column , Just The Rules, is exclusive to US Chess on-line news.

He has often facilitated TD Workshops at both the U. S. Open Delegates Convention and at the National Open Chess Festival; furthermore, he facilitates Rulebook Tactics Workshops for players.

His vast directing and organizing experiences in chess since the 1980’s includes:  stints as the longtime chief TD at the U. S. Blind, a long-term staff member at the National Open, more than a few U. S. Opens, countless stints as the Chief, Floor Chief, Section Chief and Backroom staff at scores of National Scholastic tournaments, many club, local and state tournaments, a Chess Life contributor, and a longtime service record as an Illinois Chess Association officer and USCF delegate.  In 2009 he received the USCF Outstanding Career Achievement  award. And in 2010 his TDCC committee received the US Chess "Committee Of The Year" award.  In 2012 he received the "TD of the Year" award. He is a valuable chess resource that enjoys helping others.